Jennings Wright

Founder, 10 Eighteen Uganda

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Jennings Wright is a serial entrepreneur who founded and is the Executive Director of a unique and highly effective nonprofit working with teen moms and teen girls in Uganda’s largest slum.

Ten Eighteen Uganda’s Touch the Slum project serves over 100 girls a day, with 100% of donations going to the project. Her take on charity and how it should work to create a deep impact is fascinating.

Jennings is also an international best-selling author of 6 novels; owned and ran a hotel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua; started a bakery that had people lining up; and owns four B2B businesses with her husband. She homeschooled her three kids for 13 years, has been to over 60 countries, and has taught over 100 writing workshops to teens and adults.

She is a libertarian, entrepreneur, and polymath who always makes an interesting interview.

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Why Invest in a Girls future in Uganda's Largest Slum

06 October 2023, 09:30 PM
Jennings Wright