Marisa Meddin

CEO, Beach Commute

About this speaker

Marisa Meddin is a certified expert career and personal development coach, as well as the co-founder of Beach Commute, a company which helps you get a remote job so you can continue to make an income while you travel the world.

Marisa’s mission is to help you have the freedom and flexibility to travel while pursuing a career and life that you genuinely love. She believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between a successful career, making a great income, and travelling the world. You can have your job & travel too.

Marisa has been working remotely while travelling the world for the past 8 years and has visited over 75 different countries. Prior to career coaching, Marisa worked at PepsiCo in New York and Los Angeles for six years, managing $1.5 billion dollar marketing campaigns and working closely with HR and recruiting on the corporate side (so she knows how to help you land a job). 


6 Crucial Steps To Get Your First Remote Travel Job

02 October 2023, 03:30 PM
Marisa Meddin