Patrick Hiebert

Co-Founder, EcoVillages

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Patrick Hiebert is a Partner and Co-Founder of EcoVillages, a sustainable, eco-sensible and freedom-oriented community and home design, development and marketing company. He is also the Founder of Vida Verde Agroforestry, a company focused on sustainably combining of agriculture and forestry.

Patrick Hiebert is a Canadian who has been designing eco-sensible and sustainable communities for several decades. After founding several high-tech software companies and selling them, Patrick and his son Spencer lived on a boat and sailed the ocean. It was here that they honed their craft of minimalist living, generating their own, and conserving, power and fresh water, and focusing on sustainable living. 

Taking what he learned about self-sustainability from living out on the ocean, wanting to live in a warmer climate, and the desire to live with like-minded, freedom-oriented people, Patrick moved from Canada to Central America. He created the country’s first off-grid luxury community in Nicaragua. Ultimately becoming the COO and then CDO for Latin America’s largest property development company, Patrick has chosen to focus his skills on EcoVillages freedom-oriented communities, Agroforestry and the new ways of ownership of assets through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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