Ramiro Romani

Entrepreneur, Above Phone

About this speaker

Ramiro Romani is a technologist, activist, educator, and entrepreneur who dropped his corporate career to work on meaningful social movements. He is a core member of the Freedom Cell Network and co-producer of The Greater Reset. He’s helped grow both of these movements to tens of thousands of people while protecting their privacy.

Since then, he has begun educating and assisting others by launching #TakeBackOurTech, which has free guides and videos on how to use friendly, open, and transparent technologies across computers, phones, and browsers. It even goes further by touching on subjects in health, applied technology and sciences. He’s also founded Above Phone – a phone that gives you the Freedom to Choose private and friendly software, apps, and communication services. Above Phone is transforming our relationship with our phones with unmatched customer support and a suite of cutting-edge software services. 


Why Every Smart Expat Needs Privacy, Security, and Above Phone

05 October 2023, 09:00 PM
Ramiro Romani