Rob Cosman

Entrepreneur, Selling From The Beach

About this speaker

Rob Cosman is a 7-figure Amazon eCommerce seller, author and Canadian CPA. Rob has made a name for himself as a successful Amazon seller and business consultant. Currently, residing in the beautiful country of Costa Rica with his family. Rob has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, combining his passion for e-commerce with the freedom to live anywhere in the world.

With an impressive track record, Rob has achieved remarkable success as a 7-figure Amazon seller and coach. Utilizing the Online Arbitrage business model, which is buying existing products to resell on Amazon. His book “Selling on Amazon From the Beach” has received widespread acclaim for being a go-to resource for new Amazon sellers.

In addition to his Amazon business, Rob and his wife Marsha also run an accounting firm specifically tailored for the Canadian market Amazon and online sellers. Their accounting firm has become a prime and unique resource for Canadian Amazon sellers.


From Expat Dreams to a Success: Mastering Reselling on Amazon for a Liberating Lifestyle

05 October 2023, 07:00 PM
Rob Cosman